Plaskett Smears Twitter Files Journalists as ‘Threatening’

Plaskett Smears Twitter Files Journalists as ‘Threatening’

March 10, 2023

In the opening minutes of the Judiciary Committee’s hearing on the weaponization of the federal government, race-mongering Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-USVI) suspiciously claimed that Twitter Files journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger, who were testifying before the committee, were “threatening” to Twitter employees.

“Mr. Chairman, I’m not exaggerating when I say that you have called before you two witnesses who pose a direct threat to people who oppose them,” said Plaskett. “This is unacceptable. Just as it was unacceptable for Kevin McCarthy to provide 41,000 hours of sensitive security footage to a biased talking head in an effort to rewrite what happened on January 6th. This is a new Republican playbook apparently – risking Americans’ safety and security to score political points.”

“We do not accuse witnesses of threatening others. That is out of line, and outside the rules of this committee,” rebuked the Committee’s Republican Rep. Jim Jordan. “I believe both of these individuals who are getting ready to testify, I believe they’re both Democrats. I don’t think they’re here to help us politically, I think they’re here to tell us the truth.”

The Ohio congressman went on to say Democrats wanted to conceal the truth from the American public.

“The first FTC letter to Twitter after the first set of Twitter Files, the very first question was, who are the journalists you’re talking to? And you guys don’t care. You don’t want the American people to see. You don’t want the American people to see what happened — the full video, transparent — and you don’t want two journalists who have been named personally by the Biden Administration’s FTC in a letter.”

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