Planned Parenthood Wants ‘Bolder’ Policies from Biden

Planned Parenthood Wants ‘Bolder’ Policies from Biden

April 27, 2021

In a press announcement on Friday, abortion giant Planned Parenthood (PP) stated that it hopes to see even “bolder” policy moves from the Biden-Harris administration in the days ahead.

PP, the largest provider of abortions in the nation and the second largest provider of transgender hormone treatments, said “there are increasing signs that the country is on the right track” in the first 100 days of the new administration.

“We’re encouraged by what we’ve seen so far,” said Alexis McGill Johnson, Planned Parenthood CEO. “The administration’s steps to undo the harm of the past four years and support sexual and reproductive health care are a promising start — but the work has only just begun. Planned Parenthood is ready to work with both the administration and Congress, and push for bolder policies every step of the way.”

In its statement, PP alleged that “people of color, those with low incomes, and the LGBTQ+ community” are still requiring “access to health care, sexual and reproductive care, and other basic human rights” that “remain out of reach.” All of those groups are a primary source of clients for PP.

The organization is also urging the administration and Democrats in Congress to assure taxpayer Medicaid funds may be used to pay for abortions and transgender hormone treatments at its clinics. PP said it will push in the days to come for budgets that “eliminate” restrictions on abortion and ones that increase “funding for sexual and reproductive health care programs at home and abroad.”

Because the left’s lust for unborn children to sacrifice in the name of the Sexual Revolution knows no bounds.

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