Planned Parenthood to Host Dem Candidate Forum

Planned Parenthood to Host Dem Candidate Forum

June 18, 2019

Abortion mill Planned Parenthood (PP) will host a Democrat 2020 candidate forum on June 22 to address the current “state of emergency” about its business.

“The 2020 elections are our biggest opportunity yet to fight back against anti-reproductive health politicians intent on taking away our health care and our rights,” PP stated about its forum called “We Decide.” The forum is designed to provide information on the candidates’ stances on abortion and to get out the vote.

“We are in a state of emergency for reproductive health in America, and it requires a true emergency response,” wrote PP President Leana Wen earlier this month. “Anti-abortion politicians in states across the country have enacted extreme, dangerous, and unconstitutional abortion bans that will endanger lives.”


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