Planned Parenthood Promotes ‘Summer of Sex’

Planned Parenthood Promotes ‘Summer of Sex’

July 24, 2019

Planned Parenthood  is partnering with “intersectional feminist media” Wear Your Voice for a “Summer of Sex” campaign that centers on “LGBTQ+, Black, Indigenous and people of color’s experiences with sex, sexuality, and attraction.”’ The campaign is being protested by pro-life leaders for a tweet that sexualizes black women.

“Black women are sexy and sexual entities, independent of anyone else’s ideas of what that means,” Planned Parenthood tweeted Friday, quoting author Gloria Alamrew. “For #SummerOfSex, our partnership with @WearYourVoice,@GloriaAlamrew talks about creating space for Black girls to understand their sexuality.”

Black pro-life leader Obianuju Ekeocha shot back on Twitter: “Planned Parenthood says we black women are ‘sexy and sexual entities.’ So of course they want us to enjoy a #SummerOfSex, so that they can enjoy a winter of enormous abortion profits.”

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