Planned Parenthood Gives Teens Sex Change Hormones in 1/2 Hour

Planned Parenthood Gives Teens Sex Change Hormones in 1/2 Hour

October 8, 2023

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has increasingly been providing what the left calls “gender-affirming care” for people who believe they are transgender — and in the case of at least one teen, a clinic allegedly supplied him with sex-change hormones after a 30-minute consultation, the Washington Free Beacon reported this week.

The teen, whose parents asked the publication to call “Fred,” is an 18-year-old high school student in New Jersey who was diagnosed with autism at age four and struggled with anxiety and depression as he got older, according to the report. Reporter Aaron Sibarium noted that like many individuals on the autism spectrum, Fred “cycles through obsessions and extreme views.”

“Still, Fred has a few interests that have remained constant throughout his life, all fairly typical for a teenage boy: guns, power tools, and metalworking,” according to the report. “That made it all the more shocking when, in December 2022, at 17 years old, he announced he was a transgender woman. The revelation came a few months after Fred’s best friend, who also has autism, began identifying as transgender.”

Upon turning 18, Fred went to a Planned Parenthood in late July when his parents had gone out of town. The clinic “prescribes hormones to any legal adult without a letter from a therapist or a formal diagnosis for gender dysphoria,” according to the report. Instead, Planned Parenthood only requires a short consultation, usually with a nurse practitioner, and warnings about the side effects from taking hormones, which can include permanent infertility, baldness, and mood swings.

Rather than being carefully evaluated in a months-long process by psychiatrists, a nurse practitioner had prescribed the special-needs boy with estrogen in half-an-hour without parental knowledge or permission.

“It’s criminal what Planned Parenthoods all over the country are doing,” Fred’s mother, a New Jersey pediatrician, told the outlet. “And most people have no idea this is happening.”

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