Planned Parenthood: Free Birth Control to End ‘Systemic Racism’

Planned Parenthood: Free Birth Control to End ‘Systemic Racism’

June 25, 2020

In a press release Tuesday, Planned Parenthood (PP) launched a new campaign urging American businesses to pledge free birth control coverage in employee health insurance plans in order to counter “systemic racism” and ensure that black women enjoy “reproductive freedom.”

“We’re proud to announce #BusinessForBC, a call for businesses to ensure birth control coverage for their employees and to support policies that protect sexual and reproductive health care access,” the abortion mill stated on Twitter about its Business for Birth Control 2020 campaign. The announcement claims that “systemic racism” has made it difficult for blacks to obtain birth control and enjoy “reproductive freedom.”

Planned Parenthood tweeted that “Birth control is essential health care, period” and that “It saves lives.”

Abortion is not health care. It doesn’t save lives, it takes them. If Planned Parenthood wants to end “systemic racism,” it can stop aborting black children at far higher rates than children of any other race.

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