Piers Morgan Viewership Plunges 70% After Deceptively-Edited Trump Interview

Piers Morgan Viewership Plunges 70% After Deceptively-Edited Trump Interview

April 30, 2022

Breitbart News reports that Piers Morgan’s new show Piers Morgan Uncensored on TalkTV has seen a plunge in viewership so bad in just the first few days that executives at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation are already discussing how much of a failure it is.

Morgan’s interview with former President Trump on his first two nights of the show spiked ratings, but by the second day of the interview, he dropped to just 215,900 viewers. After the Trump interview was over, that number fell by half again to just 123,000 viewers. That’s a 70 percent drop in just two days, and he seems to be losing interest from the public quickly after Trump and his top communications aide Taylor Budowich crushed Morgan’s mishandling of a deceptively-edited interview promo.

The original 30-second clip, released last week, made it appear as though Trump stormed off the set mid-interview upset with questions from Morgan about the 2020 election. But when Morgan released the promotional clip, Budowich released audio of the interview proving it was indeed edited to falsely portray Trump as storming off.

“I have no clue what he was thinking,” one media strategist told Breitbart News. “He launched a show aimed at a right-of-center audience, but deceptively edited the trailer in a failed attempt to embarrass President Trump. He lost all credibility with his target audience before his show even aired. The only question now is, does he last longer than CNN+? I don’t think so.”

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