Pete Davidson Tells PETA ‘Suck my D**k’ Over Criticism For Buying, Not Adopting, a Puppy

Pete Davidson Tells PETA ‘Suck my D**k’ Over Criticism For Buying, Not Adopting, a Puppy

June 7, 2023

Breitbart News reports that comedian Pete Davidson told the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to “suck my dick” after the organization called him out for buying a pet store puppy rather than adopting one from an animal shelter.

Davidson, who is allergic to dogs, bought a puppy for his mother after her dog died prematurely at just two years old, according to a report by TMZ.

PETA reacted by calling his actions “tragic” and urging Davidson to adopt a dog from a shelter instead.

“It’s tragic that Pete didn’t seek out a borough-born mutt from a city animal shelter, because a scrappy New Yorker with charm, personality, and unconventional handsomeness could have been his perfect match,” Daphna Nachminovitch, Senior VP of Cruelty Investigations at PETA, told TMZ.

“Since shelters in New York and across the country are overflowing with homeless animals, PETA urges Pete to show some big heart energy by adopting, not shopping, in the future,” Nachminovitch added.

Davidson responded to PETA, saying, “Fuck you, and suck my dick.”

“My mom’s fucking dog, who is two years old, died a week before, so we’re all so sad, so I had to get a specific dog,” Davidson said to Nachminovitch in a voicemail. “So why don’t you do your research before you fucking create news stories for people because you’re boring. I haven’t seen my mom and sister cry like that in over 20 years. I was trying to cheer up my family.

“I was already upset that the store had filmed me without my permission or acknowledgment,” he added. “Then this organization made a public example of us, making our grieving situation worse.”

Davidson and his girlfriend were seen picking up a Cavapoo puppy last month from the Citipups breeder in Manhattan.

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