Perez: ‘No Concerns Whatsoever’ About Mail-In Voter Fraud

Perez: ‘No Concerns Whatsoever’ About Mail-In Voter Fraud

April 10, 2020

Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Democrat National Committee chairman Tom Perez dismissed the idea that nationwide voting-by-mail during the coronavirus pandemic has the potential for voter fraud, saying he has “no concerns whatsoever” about it.

“Here is the deal,” Perez told the host. “You look at Washington State, you look at Oregon, you look at California, there’s all sorts of vote-by-mail states. That’s been challenged and reviewed. It has shown that there is no real issue of voter fraud, period, end of story.

“The reality, Willie, is this: this president has only two pathways to success this November,” he continued. “Number one, he has to get an ever-narrowing base, every vote out of that ever-narrowing base. Number two, he has to suppress the vote. And what we saw this week in Wisconsin was unconscionable.”

Claims of GOP voter “suppression” is how Democrats deflect attention from their own widespread voter fraud. Perez has no concerns about mail-in voter fraud because only his Party will be guilty of it.

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