Perez: Let’ Make Sure Trump ‘Doesn’t Sleep’

Perez: Let’ Make Sure Trump ‘Doesn’t Sleep’

August 21, 2020

Thursday during the Democratic National Convention virtual “after party,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez urged his fellow Democrats to unify and “make sure” that President Trump “doesn’t sleep.”

“Our unity is our greatest strength. It is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. Let’s give him a lot of nightmarish nights. Let’s make sure he doesn’t sleep,” Perez said.

As Breitbart News notes, this sort of threatening rhetoric is of one piece with the bullying, harassing tactics employed by Black Lives Matters (BLM) rioters who have extended their domestic terrorism in recent weeks, mobbing into residential areas in Seattle, Portland, and Washington, DC to terrorize innocents. In D.C., for example, they have marched through neighborhoods at night with loudspeakers, shining flashlights into windows, pounding drums and sounding sirens, chanting, “Wake Up!” In Seattle, they have demanded that residents give black people “back their homes.” In Portland, they have threatened residents, “We’re gonna burn your building down!”

Democrats are totalitarian bullies who operate out of a mob mentality. But they can push patriots only so far before the patriots start pushing back.

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