Perez: 30 Million People Lost Jobs Due to Trump ‘Ineptitude’

Perez: 30 Million People Lost Jobs Due to Trump ‘Ineptitude’

May 4, 2020

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, DNC chair Tom Perez claimed Trump’s “ineptitude” during the coronavirus pandemic led to 30 million people losing their jobs.

“I am so excited about this vice-president [Joe Biden],” Perez said. “This election is about trust. Who can you trust to dig us out of this mess? This president has been chronically inept at handling this coronavirus. We have less than five percent of the world’s population. We have one-third of the world’s coronavirus cases and 25 percent of the world’s deaths from coronavirus. His inattention, his ineptitude, he needs to be the commander in chief, not the Tweeter in chief. He needs to understand that the buck stops with him. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this campaign, accountability, we’re going to talk about leadership…

“Thirty million people losing their jobs in the last six weeks in no small measure because of the ineptitude of this president,” he added.

The Democrat Coronavirus Strategy: exacerbate the crisis, make up statistics, and blame Trump.

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