Perdue: ‘Fraud’ Abrams ‘Will Never Be Governor of Georgia’

Perdue: ‘Fraud’ Abrams ‘Will Never Be Governor of Georgia’

February 14, 2022

Sunday on Fox News Network’s Sunday Morning Futures, former Sen. David Perdue, a GOP gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, declared that delusionally ambitious Democrat favorite Stacey Abrams “will never be governor of Georgia.”

“Stacey Abrams will never be governor of Georgia — for one reason: she’s a fraud,” Perdue correctly declared about the Democrat voter fraud enthusiast. “What she has done is materialize a lie over the last three years of voter suppression in Georgia, and she can never be governor.”

“She didn’t even go to the meeting with Joe Biden,” he continued. “When he came down there to talk about our ‘racist’ voter suppression laws, she wouldn’t even stand on the podium with him when he came to Georgia. And now we see him considering her sister for the Supreme Court. I mean, this is as corrupt as it gets.”

Perdue went on to say that Biden considering Abrams’ sister, Georgia Federal Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, for the U.S. Supreme Court was “nothing but payback for all the help that Stacey Abrams gave Joe Biden in 2020.”

Abrams still hasn’t conceded her loss to Gov. Brian Kemp (R) in the 2018 GA gubernatorial election.

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