Penn: Pandemic Felt Like Trump ‘Gunning Down’ People from ‘Turret at the White House’

Penn: Pandemic Felt Like Trump ‘Gunning Down’ People from ‘Turret at the White House’

July 12, 2021

Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival last weekend about his new film, Flag Day, dictator-hugging actor and activist blowhard Sean Penn absurdly opined that the Trump administration’s coronavirus policies were no better than “gunning down” vulnerable communities “from a turret at the White House.”

“We were — not only as a country but as a world – let down and openly neglected, misinformed,” the uninformed radical Penn claimed. “We had truth and reason assaulted under what was in all terms an obscene administration.”

This, from a man whose close buddy was the late autocrat Hugo Chavez, whose socialist authoritarianism ravaged Venezuela and left starving people hunting down dogs in the street for food.

Penn went on to claim, without evidence, that Trump’s policies were no less than murderous, saying, “When my team and I would come home from test and vaccinations sites at night, particularly during testing under Trump, to maddening news — it felt like someone with a machine gun gunning down communities that were most vulnerable from a turret at the White House.”

These are just demagogic lies, particularly in light of the fact that Penn went on to offer glowing praise for the hopelessly incompetent Biden administration. “In the transition to the task force that President Biden put together, it was really that feeling like a sun was rising,” Penn gushed. “There was no effort of integrity coming from the federal government until the Trump administration was dismissed.”

Penn is, frankly, a useful idiot whose fame unfortunately affords him a huge megaphone to spout his leftist nonsense and be taken seriously by the Progressive media and star-struck fans.

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