Pence: Critical Race Theory Teaches Kids to Be ‘Ashamed of Their Skin Color’

Pence: Critical Race Theory Teaches Kids to Be ‘Ashamed of Their Skin Color’

June 4, 2021

During a speech at the annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday, former Vice President Mike Pence argued that President Joe Biden’s administration has replaced patriotic education with political indoctrination, and that Critical Race Theory teaches young children “to be ashamed of their skin color.”

“And maybe the most troubling developments with families in the past few months has been the Biden administration’s whole-hearted embrace on the radical left’s all-encompassing assault on American culture and values,” Pence said.

“Under the Biden administration, patriotic education has been replaced with political indoctrination. They abolished our 1776 Commission and authorized teaching Critical Race Theory in our schools. Instead of teaching all of our children, regardless of race or creed or color to be proud of their country, Critical Race Theory teaches children as young as kindergarten to be ashamed of their skin color,” he continued.

“Well let me say, as my friend Tim Scott said, with great effect on the national stage not long ago, America is not a racist country,” Pence concluded.

“It’s past time for America to discard the left-wing myth of systemic racism. And I commend state legislatures all across the country and governors for banning Critical Race Theory from our schools,” he stated to applause from the audience.

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