Pelosi: ‘We Build Back Better with Women’

Pelosi: ‘We Build Back Better with Women’

July 14, 2021

In a discussion this week on current infrastructure talks, doddering, corrupt House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that women are the key to fulfilling President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

“So we have to make the bill greener, to be more for this century than last century which is — we have to make it more — President Biden says it so well. Build Back Better. Build Back Better,” Pelosi said. “And building back better means that we do so in a way that’s of the future in certain respects. Of course the greener aspects of it, the broadband aspects of it. But also, who is involved in the prosperity of it all. And that’s why we have the jobs piece and the family —  the cares piece of it which says if we’re going to Build Back Better, we have to have workforce training, workforce development so many more people can be involved, and we have that in what would be our next bill.

“If we’re going to build back better, we build back better with women,” she continued, triggering applause. “That’s really where we want to go next. We want to have the bipartisan bill but we want to recognize that we have to have legislation of the future that involves many more people that is greener for our country, more technologically available to everyone.”

What has always been key to the left’s radical vision is “liberating” women from the oppression of the bourgeois, nuclear family, making them equal partners with men in building their collectivist utopia — leaving the children to be raised collectively as well, rejecting the archaic notions of “mother” and “father.”

That’s how the left wants to “Build Back Better.”

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