Pelosi: Trump Making ‘Domestic Assault on Our Constitution’

Pelosi: Trump Making ‘Domestic Assault on Our Constitution’

August 14, 2020

Friday on MSNBC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Trump’s actions on our voting system are a “domestic assault on our Constitution.”

Asked about mail-in voting possibly leading to foreign interference from Russia, China, and Iran, Pelosi said, “Well, this is ironic if that is the word because this president has welcomed interference from Russia into the campaign. He knows that Russia is 24/7 actively working to help re-elect him.”

That is a lie. The Democrats’ own 3-year investigation into Russian election collusion in 2016 turned up nothing; indeed, recent documentation revealed that Russia wanted Hillary to win, just as they would certainly want far-left Joe Biden to win in 2020.

“We take an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” Pelosi continued. “The actions this administration are taking, vis-a-vis our voting system, our sacred right to vote, are a domestic assault on our Constitution.”

At the risk of repetition ourselves here at Discover the Networks, this is pure Democrat projection. Pelosi and her party are the ones undermining our sacred right to vote by pushing for universal voting-by-mail, the voting method with the most potential for fraud —  the fraud they need to win.

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