Pelosi: Trump ‘Delusional’ About Turning the Corner on COVID

Pelosi: Trump ‘Delusional’ About Turning the Corner on COVID

October 26, 2020

Friday on MSNBC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called President Trump “delusional” for saying America is turning the corner on the coronavirus pandemic.

“In our legislation which I hope that the administration is just on the verge of accepting, they would, they must follow the science,” Pelosi said. “They must allocate the resources in a way that, again, follows CDC guidelines to crush the virus. Everything else we’re talking about will just continue and perhaps worsen unless we crush the virus.”

She continued, “So follow the science, mask-wearing, testing, treatment, sanitation, get the job done that way. Up until now, they have resisted that. The biggest step forward I’m happy about in the negotiations is I think they’re about to embrace the science in a substantial way that, of course, also addresses the fact that more people in the minority community have died from this COVID-19 than in the white community. Children, black children, Hispanic children have five to eight times more chance of going to the hospital from COVID than a white child.”

“The president is delusional when he says we’ve turned the corner on this,” Pelosi added. “We haven’t. We have miles to go.”

On the contrary, as much as Pelosi and her fellow Democrats would like to keep the pandemic going in order to blame Trump and control Americans with their totalitarian lockdowns, Trump is correct. We have turned the corner on it and America is ready to come back strong.

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