Pelosi: Trump ‘Bereft of Any Sense of Patriotism’

Pelosi: Trump ‘Bereft of Any Sense of Patriotism’

September 24, 2020

In an interview with MSNBC’s Deadline on Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reacted to a Politico report claiming intelligence about Russia was being withheld from the White House because “bad news” on the topic would displease President Trump.

“There’s an obligation on the part of the intelligence community to brief the president on a daily basis, and the rest of us, too,” Pelosi said. “And, as I have said, they don’t own this intelligence. They are the custodians of it. They must debrief the rest of as well, so that we can make judgments for the American people…

“And when their work is politicized… it’s a tragedy for our country.” Pelosi then claimed Trump “goes into a tizzy when anybody talks about Russia… With him, all roads lead to Putin. We don’t know what Putin has on him, politically, personally, financially, whatever it is, but for the president to say now, I like Putin and he likes me, just shows you how bereft he is of any sense of patriotism or the protection our intelligence community and the sacredness of our elections means to our democracy.”

Both notions — that Trump is a Putin puppet and that he is unpatriotic — are patently absurd, but the Democrats have no other ammunition except to push blatant lies and propaganda.

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