Pelosi Supports Stacey Abrams’ Push for Election Takeover Bill

Pelosi Supports Stacey Abrams’ Push for Election Takeover Bill

March 3, 2021

In a “Dear colleague” letter to members of Congress about the upcoming vote on H.R. 1, the For the People Act, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi let failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate and Democrat voter fraud mastermind Stacey Abrams describe how critical the legislation is “to the future of the Democracy.”

“The COVID pandemic revealed both the inequalities in our voting laws and the necessity of standardized guidelines that apply regardless of the U.S. citizen’s state of residence,” wrote Abrams, who went on to claim falsely that “voter suppression legislation championed by state leaders has accelerated at a pace not seen since the Jim Crow era.”

There is no voter suppression legislation being championed by anyone. There are, however, Republican efforts to suppress massive voter fraud on the part of Democrats, who blatantly committed such fraud to take control of the presidency and both houses of Congress.

Abrams went on to falsely characterize the January 6 chaos on Capitol Hill a “violent insurrection that attempted to take the U.S. Capitol.” She claimed that “those who fail to win through the quality of their ideas are trying to silence the voices of those who disagree” — a statement of psychological projection that perfectly captures the left’s own strategy for seizing power.

Republican Rep. Andy Biggs, the House Freedom Caucus Chair, wrote in an op-ed Sunday arguing that the Democrats have tried to introduce similar legislation every two years since they took back the house. He correctly called it “legislation that will facilitate the Democrats’ objective of preventing Republicans from winning elections.”

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