Pelosi: Conservative SCOTUS and GOP House ‘Reversing Freedom in Our Country’

Pelosi: Conservative SCOTUS and GOP House ‘Reversing Freedom in Our Country’

April 24, 2023

Friday on MSNBC’s All In, doddering Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she believes the conservative Supreme Court and Republican-led House of Representatives are “reversing freedom” in the United States.

Asked to rate Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) performance in the first one hundred days, Pelosi said, “You had seen us move to expanding freedom on our country. We were very proud in the last term to have marriage equality with the Respect for Marriage Act passed. Then you see the Supreme Court reversed freedom and go back.”

She continued, “They are reversing the tide of history. In the beginning, our founders had a vision. They had documents that were about the dignity and worth of people. But they did not all live up to the legislation that we would need later. But it enabled us to do it by amendment. To abolish slavery, the right to vote for black men, and the right to vote for women, a woman’s right to choose, the list goes on and on. Until this court and this Congress is a manifestation of that thinking, reversing freedom in our country.”

Pelosi added, “Kitchen table issues are not their concern. They are there to take tax breaks from the wealthiest people, to resist raising revenue in order to provide for the needs of the American people.”

Corrupt, wealthy Pelosi is still pushing the demonstrably false and hypocritical notion that Democrats are the party of the poor against the rich. The idea that they care about kitchen table issues, the Founding Fathers, and freedom and is equally demonstrably absurd and belied by everything the Left stands for today: gender ideology, climate change hysteria, the cancelling of free speech, the smearing of our country as inherently racist, and on and on. The party of freedom? Please. They are the party of totalitarian Marxism.

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