Pelosi: Republican Party is ‘Yielding to a Cult, to a Thug’

Pelosi: Republican Party is ‘Yielding to a Cult, to a Thug’

November 9, 2022

Monday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, unhinged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) declared that the Republican Party is “yielding to a cult” and a “thug” in former President Trump.

Cooper said, “The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, others have spread stories casting doubt on what happened, fomenting conspiracy theories. What do you have to say to them?”

Pelosi said, “It’s really sad for the country that people of that high visibility would separate themselves from the facts and the truth in such a blatant way. It’s really sad, and it is traumatizing to those affected by it. They don’t care about that, obviously. But it’s destructive to the unity that we want to have in our country.”

She added, “In fact, this is a one-sided assault on our democracy, an assault on the credibility and integrity of our elections and the rest. There has to be some adult supervision on the Republican side in order to say enough. We need a strong Republican party in our country. I’ve said that over and over again.”

By “strong Republican Party,” what she means is a controlled opposition composed of RINOs, not a Party that wants to make American great again.

Pelosi concluded, “The GOP was a strong Republican Party, done great things for our country, and they should take pride in that instead of yielding to a cult, to a thug, actually, the way I see it.”

That former President she calls a “thug” was doing great things for our country, and Pelosi and her fellow Democrat thugs obsessively despise him for it.

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