Pelosi Repeatedly Maskless After Ordering Masks Again in Capitol

Pelosi Repeatedly Maskless After Ordering Masks Again in Capitol

August 2, 2021

Breitbart News reports that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been caught without a mask numerous times in the U.S. Capitol since the return of a mask mandate while threatening anyone who opposes it — even those who are vaccinated — with being arrested.

On the first day of the new mask mandate, when members, staff, and visitors were required to wear a “well-fitted” super mask, Pelosi was in the House chamber, speaking at the speaker’s podium without a mask even as she is giving orders for others to wear one.

On July 29, just a day after she imposed the mask mandate and the same day the U.S. Capitol Police were told to arrest mask defiers, Pelosi was again maskless during a Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth hearing. Her mask was around her neck, and she was coughing.

On July 30, Pelosi was seen during a press conference, not wearing a mask, talking to others, touching the podium and her nose. On the same day, she was caught removing her mask to take a picture with Rep. Jake Ellzey (R-TX) and his family members after his swearing-in

Later the same day, Pelosi was seen in another video published by the Republican National Committee’s War Room, the only one not wearing a mask while inside the Capitol.

National Republican Congressional Committee Communications Director Michael McAdams tweeted a close-up picture of Pelosi while noting, “Only one not wearing a mask in this photo is….[Pelosi].”

On the first day she imposed a mask mandate and was seen without a mask, she called House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy a “moron” for opposing the new mandate which she herself refused to follow.

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