Pelosi on Voters’ Concerns About Inflation, Crime: ‘I Dismiss That’

Pelosi on Voters’ Concerns About Inflation, Crime: ‘I Dismiss That’

October 19, 2022

Tuesday on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) completely rejected a poll showing that Americans’ top concerns going into the November midterm elections are inflation and crime.

Host propagandist Andrea Mitchell began, “Let’s talk about rising inflation concerns along with crime, giving momentum, new momentum to Republicans after the Democrats were closing the gap, the historic gap. After the Supreme Court ruling, there was huge outrage. That has seemed to subside, at least among overriding concerns. Despite all the legislative accomplishments, and I want to cite them, I want to say it’s been an extraordinary session. You and the president have done so much in terms of domestic concerns, the economy. So why do you think the president hasn’t gotten it through to the voters?”

Pelosi replied, “Well, first of all, let me say that I think that much of what you’ve said I don’t agree with, that is to say, the New York Times poll, I think is an outlier poll, you cite one poll, but all the other polls —”

Mitchell interjected, “It’s also the RealClearPolitics average is showing similar issues.”

Pelosi said, “No, but that was one that brought down the average, and it was an outlier. It wasn’t even that big a sample. So I dismiss that. I have been since Congress adjourned, I’ve been in an average of five states a week. And I can tell you that women’s concerns about their freedom are very, very much still very significant in terms of how they will vote.”

It’s just like a Democrat to tell the voters what their concerns are.

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