Pelosi on Ru Paul’s ‘Drag Race’: ‘What America is All About’

Pelosi on Ru Paul’s ‘Drag Race’: ‘What America is All About’

June 14, 2022

During an appearance on the seventh season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, doddering House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) declared that men beclowning themselves in grotesquely exaggerated women’s clothing is “what America is all about.”

“My honor to be here, to say to all of you how we proud we are of you. Thank you for the joy and beauty you bring to the world,” she gushed. “Your freedom of expression of yourselves in drag is what America is all about.” Seriously?

The 82-year-old California kleptocrat, who also had appeared on the show as a guest judge in 2018, additionally offered “words of wisdom” to the competitors. “The single most important thing I can say is to vote. With the midterm elections coming up it’s very important for people to make their voices and their vote heard.”

Pelosi’s appearance on the show comes as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is reportedly considering a bill which would make it a felony to bring children to drag shows.

“You had this [in] Dallas, Texas, you had these very young kids and they must have been like 9, 10 years old at a quote ‘drag show’ where they were putting money in the underwear … and that is totally inappropriate,” DeSantis said last week. “Now it just seems like there’s a concerted effort to be exposing kids more and more to things that are not age-appropriate.”

This demonstrates why DeSantis is an American leader and Pelosi is a corrupt, power-hungry radical promoting moral degeneracy.

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