Pelosi to Ukraine President: Billie Jean King Sends Her Regards

Pelosi to Ukraine President: Billie Jean King Sends Her Regards

March 10, 2022

Corrupt House Speaker Nancy Pelosi drew widespread online mockery after she told reporters on Wednesday that she told Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky that women’s tennis icon and feminist activist Billie Jean King sends her regards.

The tennis star had visited the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Title IX, a federal civil rights law passed in 1972 that “prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or other education program that receives funding from the federal government.”

Pelosi subsequently spoke to President Zelensky and told him, “Billie Jean King sends you her regards.”

Considering the Russian invasion crisis Ukraine is wrestling with right now, Pelosi appearing to comfort Zelensky with a greeting from an aging social justice warrior sparked social media mockery.

“Inexplicably idiotic,” remarked gay conservative commentator Tammy Bruce.

“Mixed emotions for Zelensky: Russians hit squads are after him, missiles are landing around him, half his country is in flames … BUT BILLIE JEAN KING SAYS HI! At least he’s got that going for him,” wrote conservative talk show host Gerry Callahan.

“No wonder why no one takes the United States seriously these days,” tweeted another conservative.

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