Pelosi Kicks out Staff for ‘Candid’ Discussion on Impeachment

Pelosi Kicks out Staff for ‘Candid’ Discussion on Impeachment

December 4, 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly kicked out staffers and required members to check their phones ahead of a caucus meeting on Wednesday in order to have a “candid,” leak-free conversation about the impeachment inquiry.

“INTRIGUING: Pelosi has kicked out staff and is making members check cell phones going into caucus today so she can have a candid convo with her members on impeachment,” tweeted Washington Post contributor and CNN political analyst Rachael Bade, who added that a sign at the door read, “NO ENTRANCE.”

Pelosi, who initially had strongly resisted pursuing impeachment against President Trump, emerged from the meeting making no other comment about the discussion than to describe it, according to Breitbart News, as “very prayerful.”

Considering how desperate and partisan this sham impeachment process makes Democrats look, I can imagine that Pelosi is very prayerful indeed that it doesn’t backfire on her Party in 2020.

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