Pelosi: Her ‘Faith-Oriented’ Colleagues ‘Don’t Believe in Science’ About Coronavirus

Pelosi: Her ‘Faith-Oriented’ Colleagues ‘Don’t Believe in Science’ About Coronavirus

December 22, 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke from the House floor Monday and criticized some of her “faith-oriented” opponents, whom she accused falsely of refusing to believe “science.”

“We couldn’t pass legislation until now because the administration simply did not believe in testing, tracing, treatment, wearing masks, sanitization, separation, and the rest,” Pelosi said following reports of a new coronavirus relief bill.

Fact check: false. Legislation couldn’t be passed because the Democrats refused to work with President Trump. Pelosi admitted as much recently when she told reporters that a deal could be struck now “because we have a new President,” meaning the prematurely-declared President-Elect Joe Biden.

“So now we have a vaccine, and that gives us hope,” Pelosi continued. “People say around here sometimes, ‘I’m faith-oriented so I don’t believe in science.’ And I say, well, you can do both. Science is an answer to our prayers and our prayers have been answered with a vaccine… And with this legislation, we have provision for it to be developed, purchased, and distributed in a way, again, that is fair and equitable and free.”

None of her “faith-oriented” colleagues ever told Pelosi they “don’t believe in science.” First of all, science is a method of investigation, not a belief system. Second, it isn’t that people of faith deny science; the issue is that the so-called science on the coronavirus can’t be trusted, for three reasons: one, the information on coronavirus deaths has been grossly distorted by Democrats who have a vested interest in weaponizing it against Trump; two, the so-called experts have been wrong time and again; and three, the so-called science is not neutral and objectively true, but rather has been hopelessly politicized by Democrats like Pelosi, who herself falsely claims to be a person of deep faith when it suits her agenda.

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