Pelosi Endorses Former DNC Chair Perez for Gov. of Maryland

Pelosi Endorses Former DNC Chair Perez for Gov. of Maryland

December 14, 2021

In a video endorsement released on Monday, corrupt, decrepit House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsed former Democrat National Committee (DNC) chair and primary candidate Tom Perez for governor of Maryland.

“Maryland has an opportunity to flip from red to blue and the most qualified person to do just that is my friend Tom Perez,” Pelosi gushed. Her endorsement comes as former President Donald Trump endorsed Maryland State Delegate Daniel Cox (R) from Fredrick, Maryland, in the GOP primary.

“Speaker Pelosi is a transformational leader who has spent her entire career in fierce pursuit of justice for America’s children and families,” Perez’s statement read. “I could not be more proud to receive her endorsement.”

Perez was sharply criticized from his own party throughout his DNC chairmanship for a “lack of leadership” during Iowa’s vote-counting debacle in 2020. The Iowa vote took place on Tuesday in early February 2020 and lasted four days because of technical glitches.

“If you have the Iowa situation you don’t throw them under the bus, you stand up and you support and you try to fix it. He doesn’t lead on anything,” Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) said at the time.

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