Pelosi Downplays Tensions With AOC After 1-on-1 Meeting

Pelosi Downplays Tensions With AOC After 1-on-1 Meeting

July 26, 2019

After a one-on-one Capitol Hill meeting with freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi downplayed tensions between the establishment and progressive wings of the Democrat party which they represent.

In a Friday post to social media, Pelosi tweeted that she and Ocasio-Cortez discussed working together to “meet the needs of our districts and our country, fairness in our economy and diversity in our country.”

“I don’t think we have that many differences,” Pelosi told reporters after the meeting, answering “no” when asked if she discussed Ocasio-Cortez’s comments from earlier this month suggesting the speaker was singling out congresswomen “of color” for criticism. “We covered a range of issues in our conversation particular to the congresswoman’s committees,” she added.

Despite these assurances, Pelosi continues to struggle to keep control of the more radical wing of Congressional Democrats.

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