Pelosi: ‘Doesn’t Matter’ if Dems Lose House Over Impeachment

Pelosi: ‘Doesn’t Matter’ if Dems Lose House Over Impeachment

September 30, 2019

At the Texas Tribune’s Tribune Fest Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that “it doesn’t matter” if pursuing President Trump’s impeachment costs Democrats a House majority, because it is more important for Congress to uphold its Constitutional duty of keeping the president accountable.

Asked if she is concerned about the Democrats’ ability to hold a majority in the House if the impeachment inquiry fails, Pelosi replied, “It doesn’t matter. Our first responsibility is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

“People say you have to take a political risk doing that,” she continued. “That doesn’t matter. Because we cannot have a president of the United States undermining his oath of office, his loyalty to his oath of office, undermining our national security, and undermining the integrity of our elections.”

The Democrats have spent the last three years trying to convict Trump of such wrongdoing, and always come away empty-handed — as they will in this latest inquiry.

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