Pelosi: ‘Definitely’ Time to Mandate Wearing Masks

Pelosi: ‘Definitely’ Time to Mandate Wearing Masks

June 29, 2020

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that making the wearing of masks in public mandatory during the coronavirus pandemic is “long overdue.”

Asked by leftist host George Stephanopoulos if it is “time to mandate the wearing of masks across the country,” Pelosi responded, “Definitely long overdue for that. My understanding is that the Center for Disease Control has recommended the use of masks but not require it because they don’t want to offend the president. The president should be an example. Real men wear masks. Be an example to the country and wear the mask.

“It’s not about protecting yourself; it’s about protecting others,” Pelosi added.

It’s not about protecting others, because masks are ineffective. It’s about Democrats wielding power and control, which is why Dem leaders won’t chastise their rioters and looters rampaging across the country for ignoring masks, and flouting the rules of social distancing.

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