Pelosi: Biden’s Angry, Divisive Speech ‘Inspiring and Optimistic’

Pelosi: Biden’s Angry, Divisive Speech ‘Inspiring and Optimistic’

September 2, 2022

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tried to spin President Biden’s dark and divisive speech Thursday night, in which he smeared MAGA Republicans as a threat to the “very foundations of our Republic,” as “inspiring and optimistic,” and accused MAGA Republicans of “orchestrating a sinister campaign.”

“Tonight, @POTUS Biden, in his inspiring and optimistic remarks, made crystal clear that our rights, our freedom and our Democracy are on the line,” Pelosi stataed, praising Biden’s “values-based vision and patriotic leadership.”

“Extreme MAGA Republicans are orchestrating a sinister campaign,” she added, demonizing the entire patriotic half of the country.

“By criminalizing women’s health care, ending Social Security & Medicare & undermining our elections, the GOP is working to turn back the clock on fundamental liberties while fanning the flames of violence & division,” she proclaimed in an impressive display of Democrat projection.

“With our landmark laws to bring down costs, create better paying jobs and build safer communities, Democrats are demonstrating that Democracy can continue to deliver,” she said, claiming falsely that Americans “are rejecting Republicans’ extreme MAGA agenda – instead, choosing Democrats’ unifying vision of #PeopleOverPolitics.”

What a crock of bull malarkey. Democrat policies are not only not unifying the country (listen to Biden’s hateful speech), they are destroying the economy and the middle class, unleashing a surge of violent crime nationwide, and importing millions of illegal aliens to undermine American jobs. Democrats always push #PoliticsOverPeople, not the other way around.

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