Pelosi: Biden Showed Energy, Empathy, Hopefulness of Presidential Candidate

Pelosi: Biden Showed Energy, Empathy, Hopefulness of Presidential Candidate

February 8, 2023

Tuesday on CNN’s coverage of the State of the Union address, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed ludicrously that President Biden “showed the energy, the empathy, the hopefulness” of a presidential candidate.

Pelosi said, “Joe Biden is a person of vision, knowledge, judgment, strategic thinking to get the job done. It was a remarkable two years, a remarkable two years. And again, he connects very empathetically with the we are good people. So, I hope he runs. I’m for him if he runs. And I know that the Democrats will fully embrace him.”

Asked if any Democrats would try to challenge Biden about his advanced age, Pelosi said, “No, I don’t. I think that you have to weigh all the equities. Yes, the age issue is something that we all have to contend with in every line of work. But I do think that the fact is that weighing the equities, this is a president with 12 million jobs and all of the things that he has done. He has a record unmatched by any recent president. Maybe Franklin Roosevelt.”

He has an unmatched record, all right, but not in a positive sense.

She added, “He made progress. He gave us hope. He made it clear we have much more to get done. We did not finish our job. But he really went down the path in a way that demonstrated that he is a president with great judgment. Sometimes that judgment comes with age. I remember when Jerry Brown was running for governor when he was young, he said, it’s time for a change. Then, when he ran for governor the second time, there is no substitute for experience. Experience counts for a lot. I think, tonight, he showed the energy, the empathy, the hopefulness that a presidential candidate would have. I think it was a triumph for him, for the country and certainly for the Democrats. People were so excited about his presentation tonight.”

Pelosi is either in the grip of a delusion or lying shamelessly to try to cover up what everyone can see: that Biden is an angry, decrepit, corrupt, hateful ideologue presiding over the murder of the American experiment.

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