Pelosi Announces Investigation Into Trump’s COVID-19 Response

Pelosi Announces Investigation Into Trump’s COVID-19 Response

April 3, 2020

You knew this was coming, because the Democrats have nothing to offer except launching investigations they hope will damage President Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday announced a new select House committee to review the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The committee will “examine all aspects of the federal response to the coronavirus and ensure the taxpayer’s dollars are being wisely and efficiently spent,” the speaker told reporters on a conference call. “The panel will root out waste, fraud, and abuse; it will protect against price-gauging, profiteering, and political favoritism. We need transparency and accountability.

“Where there’s money there’s also frequently mischief,” added Pelosi, who recently accused Trump of fiddling while people died of the coronavirus.

“The panel will be chaired by House Majority Whip James Clyburn, who said recently that the pandemic was a great opportunity for Dems to further their Progressive agenda.

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