‘Pastor’ Warnock Tweets Heresy For Easter Sunday

‘Pastor’ Warnock Tweets Heresy For Easter Sunday

April 7, 2021

On Easter Sunday, Sen. Raphael Warnock, a pastor at a prominent Atlanta church, sent out what many quickly condemned as an heretical message.

“Whether you are a Christian or not,” the senior pastor of New Ebenezer Baptist Church tweeted, “through a commitment to helping others, we are able to save ourselves.”

“You know this is literal heresy, right?” asked Conrad Close.

“What kind of reverend would say something like this?” replied Army veteran Samuel Williams. “Jesus Christ died and then rose again to take the sins of the world away. You are poisoning the minds of Christians for political purposes.”

Sports Spectrum’s Jason Romano wrote, “With all due respect, this is literally the opposite of what the Gospel says. Ephesians 2 states that clearly. Faith alone, Christ alone. Love God, love others. We should always help others. But man, that’s [not] how we’re saved. Romans, Ephesians, the Gospels all make it clear we can’t save ourselves. If we could, then Jesus [died] on the cross for nothing.”

Predictably, Warnock was defended by race-mongering MSNBC propagandist Joy Reid, who took issue with a pro-Trump attorney referring to the senator as a “heretic.”

“This lady is literally calling the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church — the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s church — a heretic,” wrote Reid. “This actually happened today. Madame, I’m gonna take [Warnock’s] take, as a pastor and a scholar on the Word, over yours, if you don’t mind.”

You don’t have to be a religious scholar to know that Christians believe only Jesus saves. Even Warnock knew he could not theologically defend his tweet, so the heretic ultimately deleted it.

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