Partisan Oversight Committee Chair Cummings Dies at 68

Partisan Oversight Committee Chair Cummings Dies at 68

October 17, 2019

House Oversight Committee chairman Elijah Cummings passed away Thursday at the age of 68, leaving a legacy of what Joel Pollak at Breitbart News called “stark partisanship.”

“In opposition, he defended abuses by President Barack Obama’s administration; when in the majority, he tried to damage President Donald Trump by any means necessary…” wrote Pollak. “To conservatives, Cummings became a symbol of an entrenched Democratic political elite, who use racially gerrymandered districts to protect their gatekeeping roles and fail to improve the lives of their constituents.”

“Cummings arguably abused his role to create elaborate show trials aimed at embarrassing the administration,” Pollak continued, noting that Cummings protected and defended the Barack Obama administration through such scandals as the IRS targeting of conservative groups and the Benghazi debacle.

Nonetheless, President Trump called Cummings a “highly respected political leader” upon his passing.

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