Parents Defeat Abortion Giant PP in ‘Sex Ed Showdown’

Parents Defeat Abortion Giant PP in ‘Sex Ed Showdown’

November 27, 2019

Parents and church leaders in Worcester, MA, joined with the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) to defeat a shockingly explicit Planned Parenthood-implemented sex-ed curriculum in public schools.

Michael King, MFI director of community alliances, told Breitbart News that the school board committee voted down the curriculum in a “sex ed showdown” with Planned Parenthood and its supporters, thanks to the efforts of his organization, parents, and church leaders.

King testified that the “Making Proud Choices” workshop “redefined” abstinence as “French-kissing; anal sex; fingering a partner’s genitals; mutual masturbation; dry humping; sharing fantasies… phone sex… rubbing bodies with clothes on; masturbating a partner… mouth-penis contact… mouth-anus contact… caressing a partner’s scrotum and testicles.”

“So, I want you to think about that, and think about what are we teaching our kids, that we are over-sexualizing our kids, and is this really age-appropriate?” King argued successfully.

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