‘Palestine Specialist’ For Leftist BBC Posted ‘Hitler was Right’

‘Palestine Specialist’ For Leftist BBC Posted ‘Hitler was Right’

May 25, 2021

Honest Reporting, an NGO which seeks to counteract media bias against Israel, revealed on Friday that a “Palestinian Specialist” for the leftist media outlet British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has said that “Hitler was right” and compared the Jewish state to Nazi Germany.

The BBC launched an investigation after one of its digital journalists, Tala Halawa, posted on her social media in 2014 that “Israel is more Nazi than Hitler! Oh, #HitlerWasRight – IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) go to hell #PrayForGaza.” She had also stated that “Zionists can’t get enough of our blood” following violence between Israel and Palestine in 2014.

Halawa lives in the city of Ramallah, where she reports for the BBC.

Honest Reporting said: “These are not the tweets of an objective reporter. Quite simply, not only does Halawa fail to meet the BBC’s own stated requirements, she represents the polar opposite of what is expected of any professional journalist.”

The NGO went on to question: “Why did the BBC not do its due diligence before hiring Halawa? How did someone with a history of openly antisemitic statements end up being hired by one of the world’s most recognized news outlets? Surely an organization with such extensive resources at its disposal could carry out a simple Twitter search as part of a basic background check?”

The leader of the Greater London Assembly Conservatives, Susan Hall AM, said: “It’s simple, Tala Halawa is a disgrace! I sincerely hope that BBC manage to deal with this appropriately.”

Not likely, since the BBC itself is an anti-Semitic disgrace.

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