O’Rourke: White Supremacy ‘in Every Part of American Life’

O’Rourke: White Supremacy ‘in Every Part of American Life’

August 27, 2019

White House hopeful Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke told an outdoor crowd of about 300 at the College of Charleston on Monday that white supremacy is “manifest in every part of American life.”

The low-polling O’Rourke claimed that the United States was founded on white supremacy and that white Americans are projecting their racism onto the so-called “migrants” being detained on our southern border, according to Breitbart. He continued to accuse President Trump of inciting racism across the country, citing the Charleston “very fine people” hoax, among other debunked claims.

He also accused Trump, whom he compared to a fascist dictator, of “stochastic terrorism” — indirectly inspiring white supremacist attacks like the recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.

O’Rourke’s identity-politics pandering — including emphasizing an Hispanic nickname despite his lily-white Irish heritage — hasn’t managed to elevate him from the bottom of the barrel of Democrat contenders.


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