O’Rourke: Trump Gave ‘Green Light’ to El Paso Shooter

O’Rourke: Trump Gave ‘Green Light’ to El Paso Shooter

October 23, 2019

In an interview with The Washington Post Wednesday , floundering presidential hopeful Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke proclaimed that President Trump’s “shit-eating smirk” was what gave the “green light” to the shooter who killed 22 people last August in El Paso, TX.

Speaking of a Trump rally in Florida earlier this year, O’Rourke claimed that Trump and his supporters joked and applauded about shooting immigrants: “And the president, with that shit-eating smirk on his face, smiles and laughs in consent, giving the green light to that killer in Allen, TX, who drove 600 miles to El Paso with a AK-47, who said he was going to stop the invasion that he had been warned about by the president…

“And when people in Charlottesville, VA, were talking about Jews, ‘You will not replace us,’ President Trump said there are ‘very fine people.’”

For the millionth time, Trump never called white supremacists very fine people. O’Rourke is simply a gun-confiscating demagogue desperate to paint Trump and his supporters as murdering racists.


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