O’Rourke to Laughing Supporter: It’s Not Funny, ‘Motherf*cker’

O’Rourke to Laughing Supporter: It’s Not Funny, ‘Motherf*cker’

August 11, 2022

Ed Morrissey at HotAir reports that at a small meeting of prospective supporters in Texas, perennial loser Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke lashed out verbally at a supporter who laughed at his call for banning the AR-15 rifle, calling the heckler “motherf*cker.”

O’Rourke falsely argued that the AR-15 was designed for combat and that it had been designed for use in Vietnam — again, falsely. When he tried mimicking a combat stance to underscore both of those lies, someone in the audience laughed out loud.

O’Rourke swiftly turned and snapped, “It may be funny to you, motherf—er, but it’s not funny to me.”

This obscenity drew applause from the small crowd, but as Morrissey points out, O’Rourke “clearly has no idea what he’s talking about here.” His “history is entirely laughable, but so are his political instincts here. He’s clearly talking to a small group of supporters in this incident. What politician calls his own supporters ‘motherf*****s’? Rather than ask what the criticism might be, O’Rourke’s first instinct is to attack and posture himself as supremely virtuous rather than defend his argument. That’s a bad look for any politician, but especially risible for a gun-control radical stumping for office in Texas, of all places.”

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