O’Rourke: Social Media Should Censor ‘Hate Speech’

O’Rourke: Social Media Should Censor ‘Hate Speech’

August 9, 2019

White House dreamer Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke took to Twitter Thursday to declare that social media companies and internet service providers should censor “hate speech,” including that of President Trump.

“We must confront hate, no matter where it is or how high up it goes,” O’Rourke tweeted. “That means calling out this president—but it also means ensuring social media companies no longer allow hate speech to be spread on their platforms.”

We need to “do a better job of regulating and enforcing hate speech and calls to violence on social media platforms,” he continued in an interview posted to Twitter. “Facebook — in particular, Mark Zuckerberg — needs to do a far better job in ensuring that that platform does not become a gathering place and a platform for launching these kinds of attacks.” Internet service providers, too, he added, “need to do a far better job and I think that could come through new legislation, new regulations, and really vigorous enforcement…”

But who gets to define”hate speech”?

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