O’Rourke: Gov. Abbott’s ‘War on Women’ Is ‘Very Bad for Texas’

O’Rourke: Gov. Abbott’s ‘War on Women’ Is ‘Very Bad for Texas’

April 18, 2022

Friday on MSNBC’s propaganda outlet The ReidOut, Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke claimed idiotically that Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) is pursuing a “war on women,” which is “very bad for Texas.”

Joy Reid, the most blatantly racist host in all of mainstream media, asked the white man of Irish heritage with the pandering Spanish nickname about the “anti-abortion forces” of the Right and their agenda to “punish women.”

“This is Greg Abbott’s Texas, and it is coming to the rest of America unless we stop him and defeat him in November,” O’Rourke fear-mongered before seguing quickly to the Left’s hot-button issue of the Republican “fixation” on stopping the gender ideology indoctrination of children.

“… [W]hile he’s pursuing this war on women, this fixation on transgender kids, we have real problems in Texas like a foster care system, 100 kids died last year in just one year alone. That problem within child protective services is getting worse year after year under Greg Abbott’s watch. This guy cannot keep the lights on. He can’t keep the economy going. He cannot keep us safe. He’s very bad for Texas, bad for the country. We must stop him and win this election in November,” O’Rourke fretted.

All you have to do to see who is really bad for the country is look at the devastation the current Democrat administration has wrought. The number of Americans who believe otherwise is dwindling daily as the midterm elections approach, which is why the Democrats have to resort to O’Rourke’s and MSNBC’s brand of fear-mongering and demonization of their political opponents.

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