O’Rourke: GOP ‘Cult of Death’ ‘Literally Want to Sacrifice’ Lives

O’Rourke: GOP ‘Cult of Death’ ‘Literally Want to Sacrifice’ Lives

March 5, 2021

In a rant on Wednesday on MSNBC’s Deadline, failed presidential candidate and gun-grabbing former Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke called the Republican Party  a “cult of death” after Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the COVID-19 mask mandate.

“They literally want to sacrifice the lives of our fellow Texans, for I don’t know, for political gain? To satisfy certain powerful interests within the state? This isn’t hyperbole,” O’Rourke claimed. No, it is not hyperbole; it’s a lie. In fact, it is the coronavirus hysteria itself, not the lifting of the mask mandate, that was, and continues to be, exploited for political gain — by Democrats.

“I think to many of us it appeared to be a cult of personality, the Republican Party in the era of Trump, and it probably still holds true. It’s hard to escape the conclusion that it’s also a cult of death,” O’Rourke blathered. Actually, it’s easy to escape that conclusion because it too is a lie, a demagogic demonization of O’Rourke’s political enemies.

O’Rourke rambled on falsely about “extraordinarily anti-democratic elements… literally running the government of the state of Texas” with an “indifference” that “is killing people in my community and throughout the state of Texas.”

The truth is that Texans and Americans all over the country have had enough of the leftist fear-mongering and exploitation of the coronavirus, and of the economic devastation wrought by the draconian lockdowns. The lifting of the mask mandate is the first step toward liberating Americans from this Democrat power grab.

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