Organization of American States Designates Hamas Terror Group

Organization of American States Designates Hamas Terror Group

May 21, 2021

In a statement last Monday, the Organization of American States (OAS) designated the Palestinian jihadist organization Hamas a terrorist group this week in response to a barrage of hundreds of rockets targeting civilians in Israel in the past month.

Under current Secretary-General Luis Almagro, the OAS has more prominently condemned Mideast jihadist organizations, particularly the Iran-backed Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah, which plays a prominent role in drug trafficking throughout Latin America. Despite being a Sunni Muslim group, the Iranian Islamic regime supports Hamas’ objectives and funds the terrorist group.

“The recent attacks launched by Hamas against the Israeli civilian population undoubtedly constitute attacks of a terrorist nature. Their violence and the objectives they pursue clearly have this characteristic,” the statement read. “Hamas’s terrorist aggression is unlimited and always seeks civilian victims, seeks to escalate conflict dynamics and armed actions, as well as sowing terror among innocent populations, be they Israeli or Palestinian.”

“The immoral and unworthy use of children and women as human shields, as well as the militarization of residential areas, constitute in themselves acts that deserve the most absolute repudiation and condemnation,” the OAS continued.

The OAS also correctly accused Hamas of having a “clear terrorist objective” and declared counterattacks by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to be “legitimate defense.” The OAS apparently has a clearer moral perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that our own Democrat Party.

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