Oren: Terror Against Israel Works Because NY Times Sugarcoats It

Oren: Terror Against Israel Works Because NY Times Sugarcoats It

March 30, 2022

Breitbart News reports that former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren blasted the New York Times and other mainstream propaganda outlets Wednesday for “sugarcoating” Palestinian terrorism and pinning the blame for the recent terror attacks on Israel for “overlooking” the Palestinian issue.

In its coverage of a historic summit in the Negev desert attended by four Arab foreign ministers, the Times chastised Israel for the absence of Palestinian leadership.

The summit took place the day after a shooting attack that killed two Border Police officers and six days after another attack in which four Israeli civilians were killed. While top Arab diplomats remarked that such a summit was the answer to terror, the Times and other outlets devoted multiple column inches to how the Palestinians were kept away, thereby emboldening terrorists.

The New York Times and other Western media claimed that the spate of murderous terrorist attacks against Israelis is proof that the Palestinian issue cannot be overlooked,” Oren told Breitbart. “In fact, all the attacks were carried out by Jihadists who reject any peace with Israel and are sworn to destroy it. Those same terrorists aim to kill moderate Arabs and Americans alike. Terror only works when papers like the Times try to sugarcoat it.”

On Tuesday night, five more people were killed in a shooting attack in the central Israeli city of Bnei Brak, marking the third terror attack within a week and bringing the death toll to eleven. Palestinians in multiple cities came out in droves to celebrate the attack.

“Those who rush to reflexively condemn Israel or terror around the world, but stay silent as Israelis are mowed down on the streets in violent fits of terror by Palestinians, display deafening hypocrisy and are part of the problem,” said Arsen Ostrovsky, human rights lawyer and CEO of the International Legal Forum.

Terror attacks in Israel “do not occur in a vacuum,” Ostrovsky argued. “Such acts of pitiless slaughter are a direct result of a pervasive Palestinian infrastructure indoctrinating hate and inciting violence that are only emboldened and enabled by organizations like Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and UN Human Rights Council, who relentlessly whitewash Palestinian and Islamic terror while demonizing the State of Israel.”

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