O’Reilly: Biden ‘Cannot Think… Doesn’t Know Cause and Effect’

O’Reilly: Biden ‘Cannot Think… Doesn’t Know Cause and Effect’

May 20, 2022

Tuesday on Breitbart News Daily, author and broadcaster Bill O’Reilly declared correctly that mentally and physically decrepit President Joe Biden “cannot think” and “doesn’t know cause and effect.”

“Biden’s just in a haze. He can’t get out of the haze, because it is a physical thing,” O’Reilly said.

O’Reilly appeared on the show to discuss his latest book, Killing the Killers: The Secret War Against Terrorists, which covers the story of efforts to pursue terrorists throughout the world.

In addition to retelling the story of how America pursed those who had attacked it, O’Reilly offers thoughts on the nature of life for ordinary people in the Islamic world, much of which exists at a remove from what O’Reilly terms “the terror world.”

He also credited former President Trump for his approach to terrorism. “Trump really wiped out ISIS,” he said. “I mean, he really brought a hammer to them.” In contrast, he said, Biden’s failure in the Afghanistan withdrawal allowed al Qaeda to return to the country under Taliban auspices. “Come on in, do what you want.”

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