Oppressed Multimillionaire Kaepernick Writing Memoir

Oppressed Multimillionaire Kaepernick Writing Memoir

February 14, 2020

Cop-hating, unemployable ex-quarterback Colin Kaepernick is writing a memoir to answer all the questions surrounding his infamous anthem-protesting.

“Why did I do it? Why did I do it at that moment? Why wasn’t it earlier in my career? A lot of questions surrounding what led me to that point. Which led me to wanting to share that story and give insight…,” the multimillionaire Nike spokesperson told USA Today.

But Kaepernick will be self-publishing the memoir because he is still “fighting the system”: “I learned early on that in fighting against systematic oppression, dehumanization and colonization, who controls the narrative shapes the reality of how the world views society. It controls who’s loved, who’s hated, who’s degraded, and who’s celebrated.”

He admits he is still eager to play in the NFL again. “I’m ready to go, I’m ready for a phone call, tryout, workout at any point in time. I’m still waiting on the owners and their partners to stop running from this situation. So, I hope I get a call this off-season.” Don’t hold your breath.

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