Open Borders Boss ‘Concerned’ About Removing Title 42

Open Borders Boss ‘Concerned’ About Removing Title 42

April 22, 2022

Axios reports that open-borders enthusiast and Homeland Security Secretary chief Alejandro Mayorkas “has privately told members of Congress he’s concerned with the Biden administration’s handling of its plans to lift” the Title 42 border barrier on May 23.

The article notes that, after Mayorkas walked Democrat Senators through DHS’ 115-page plan to temporarily legalize the expected surge of migrants and to bus and fly them to American towns and cities around the country, the lawmakers “did not feel the administration had reached the level of preparedness needed to carry out the operation successfully” by May 23.

Axios also reports that Biden’s inner circle has begun discussing delaying the repeal of Title 42. Polls show the public’s growing alarm over Biden’s failure to guard the border in a time of declining wages and rising inflation.

Mayorkas’ plan for responding to the end of  Title 42 includes a massive logistical effort to minimize media coverage of the surge of migrants and to fast-track the legal paperwork so they can be quickly distributed to little-known NGO centers throughout the country.

The plan apparently says nothing about Mayorkas’ responsibility as Homeland Security chief to protect America’s borders and communities from the multifaceted threat of mass migration.

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