Only 39% Want Kamala to Be Biden’s Running Mate in 2024

Only 39% Want Kamala to Be Biden’s Running Mate in 2024

February 6, 2023

Only 39 percent of likely voters in the United States want epically incompetent Vice President Kamala Harris to remain as President Biden’s running mate in 2024, a Friday Rasmussen Reports poll found.

In comparison, 48 percent of the respondents said they did not want to see Kamala as the running mate. Thirteen percent said they were unsure.

Divided by party, 68 percent of Republican respondents said they would not want her to run as the vice president in 2024, while 63 percent of Democrat respondents said she should be the running mate.

Try to wrap your head around that. Sixty-three percent of Democrats want Kamala back in office for another four years.

Of independents, 32 percent said she should be the running mate, while a majority (51 percent) think she should not. Only seventeen percent were not sure.

Additionally, the poll found that 43 percent of the respondents also had a favorable impression, which included 19 percent who said they had a “very favorable” view. In comparison, 55 percent viewed the vice president unfavorably.

Again, try to comprehend the incomprehensible here. Forty-three percent of the respondents had a favorable impression of the disastrously useless diversity hire Kamala, whose only notable achievement has been to serve as inspiration for countless internet memes mocking her childish word salads.

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